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Basement Floor Buckelling

We need some advice on what to do about our basement.
Our basement is 29feet X29feet and the basement floor is cracked, water seeping in, pushing up and is only 2 inches thick in some places, some places less, and doesn't have any re-inforcement in it. We've already replaced the temp jacks with oak 6x6 posts after we made a solid foundation for them.

We are looking for options and suggestions for what to do with the basement floor.


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You must get rid of the water that is under your slab and around the foundation.

First -
Take a very hard look at your gutters and downspouts and make sure you have long (8' to 10') downspout extensions. Look at your surface drainage around the house to make sure it slopes away. These are cheapest and most cost effective steps.

Second -
Remove the water from under the slab. Start with putting in a perforated sump pit and pump in the lowest corner to see if you can lower the water level enough to reduce the pressure up on the slab. Pump and discharge the water away from the house. If you are lucky, you will have some granular soil under the slab and this will help. If you are unlucky and you have clay it will not help much.

Third -
Consider drain tile at the level of the bottom of the footings either inside or outside the footings, depending on the acces and layout. This could involve cuting out a 16" wide section of the floor parallel to the walls. If your slab is as bad as you say, using interior tile and replacing the floor at the same time with a proper slab and granular fill under it is a possibility.

If your slab is coming up you have a lot of pressure and coating of the floor,sealants and caulking would be a waste of time if the first step does not work.



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Basement Floor Buckeling


First -
Yes our downspouts have extentions. we were planning on digging a trench around the house, sloping away and placing perf-pipe in the trench with "T" inbetween for the down spouts.

I'm affraid we do have clay under the slab of concrete with a thin layer of sand on top of the clay. Any sugestions on what to do about that?
We thought about putting down some perf- pipe with gravel around it under the new slab, but I don't know for sure what else to do.

We were planning on replacing the entire 29' x 29' of concrete and putting down thicker concrete, or even fiber-crete, any sugestions on that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, hubby is on dissability and we are on a tight budget. but have a small SBA loan.
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