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Basement Finishing Questions

Im getting ready to finish my basement and have a ton of questions but I'll stick to a couple for now.

1. In your opinion what is the best way to frame the walls? Should I build them on the floor and raise them or should I put in the header and footer and then stud it out?

Fireblocking w/drywall:
I also have a ton of questions just around fireblocking, want to make sure I do it correctly. I'll be istalling drywall as the fireblock under the floor joists and then raising/building the walls under the dry wall.

1. My question is, as im putting up the drywall under the floor joists I will eventually have to butt 2 pieces together creating a seam. I assume the seam will be just that and don't anticipate a 1/2' crack. So that being said do I worry about this seam? Do I need to caulk it?

2. I also need to fireblock vertically every 10' and im trying to figure out how to hange the dry wall vertically and butt it up against the foundation wall. To me this does not seem right (Dry wall laying against concreate). Am I missing something here? Can I apply some sort of caulk along the wall and then butt the drywall into the caulk thus creating somewhat of a barrier? How are you guys handling this?



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1. Always easier to build on the ground, if you'll have help standing it, but measure the allowable wall heights at both ends and a couple places in the middle to make sure it will fit when you stand it.
Allow a good quarter of an inch when you build your walls.
1. (2) Pull 48-1/4" from the end of the joists on each end of the room and snap a chalk line. Check in several places and make sure you have at least 48".
If you hold the sheetrock to this line when you hang it, you shouldn't have any big gaps between your butts.
2. (3) Don't completely understand the question, but I think I want to tell you to hold the sheetrock 1/2" short of the concrete, and plan on caulking or trim or both later.

How many sheets of sheetrock do you figure this project will take?
How many lineal feet of walls?


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Thanks for you input titanoman.

1. This is what I had initally planned on doing but after talking to people and reading stuff online I started to second guess that.

2. I don't think I questioned this properly but your answer is very helpful. I was trying to get at the fact that while putting up the dry wall on the floor joists your going to end up with (What I call) seams (same as the walls but you tape and mud those) where 1 piece ends and the other starts thus creating a small seam. So the question was how to i fill this? But based on your next answer I assume I can just use caulk to fill what little seam there may be.

3. This is what I was looking for. I know that I will attache the dry wall vertically to the 2x4 i the wall but I was concerned with the dry wall coming in contact with the foundation wall. You mention keeping it off the wall by 1/2" and using caulk to seal the gap.

This leads to another question:
What type of caulk can I use when doing this? I assume it needs to be some sort of fire rated caulk?
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1. Yep build it a little short, I go 3/8 to 1/2" and stand it up, then shim tight where I nail.
Use plastic under the wall, and a treated bottom plate. Also Galvanized nails for the bottom plate, top can be regular nails or Galvanized.

2. If I understand right you are drywalling the ceiling. Join them not on a floor joist above but in-between with a Butt Board. Do a google search on them. You can make your own. way cheaper. (also join walls between studs with Butt Boards. Run drywall horizontally for fewer joints and easier taping)

3. Not the wall. The floor
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