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Micker 07-30-2012 08:46 AM

Basement - Angled Soffit?
For the room I want to build in my basement, I have some ductwork and the main beam near (parallel to) one of the prospective walls. Standing at the other side of the room, you'd be looking (near to far) overhead at...

ceiling -> duct -> beam -> wall

The beam is several inches lower than (and butted against) the duct. If I frame a typical soffit around all of this, I'm going to have a very low soffit, and lose a lot of extra headroom under the duct. In order to get more usable space, I wounder if I can build a soffit with one 'ladder' that drops straight down in front of the duct, with cross pieces that angle down to clear the beam and attach to the wall studs.

Is this doable? Any drawbacks I should know about? Any tips? I do know how to build a typical soffit. What I'm unsure of is whether introducing the angle and also attaching to the wall (instead of a second soffit ladder) would reduce the strength of the soffit. (I would like to hang a flat panel TV on the front ladder.) TIA!

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