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Birdsell5 12-18-2009 10:01 PM

Backsplash behind all counters?
We are remodeling our kitchen and have decided to put up 6 inch ceramic tile on a diagonal for the backsplash. My question is this; we have a 36 inch base and wall cabinet on the opposite wall of the main "L" cabinets which I am wondering if we should put a backsplash behind or if we should just leave it painted the same as the rest of the walls? I didn't know how it would look to not have backsplash on just that one part of the counter. My other question is if we do put a backsplash there do we make it the width of the counter top with the overhang which is 39 inches or do we make it the width of the wall cabinet which is 36 inches and not go the the end of the countertop? Please help! The tile man comes tomorrow!! :laughing:

michmela44 12-19-2009 04:59 AM

hard to give a good answer without a picture

Just Bill 12-19-2009 06:16 AM

Any part of the kitchen that needs to look like part of the kitchen should have the same backsplash. Backsplash should be the width of the countertop.

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