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lupin62 11-10-2009 07:45 PM

Amateur basement remodeler - help needed
Hi all. Re-doing 1400 sq ft of basement. Electric, plumbing and drywall all went (miraculously) without a hitch. Pretty much doing everything myself (less electric).
Anyway, I know the proper order of completing projects but its doesn't make common sense to me. I've got cabinets on back order (won't get for 2 weeks). It seems to me no reason why I just can't paint and at least start on flooring now (using click laminate) rather than put everything on hold for 2 weeks waiting for bar and bath cabinets.
I would think painting now would make things easier (no worries about paint splatter on new floors, etc.) by doing it now. Ditto with laminate flooring. The area I'll be sstarting in is nowhere near where the cabinets are going. I know I need to install cabinets before flooring in those areas - but why not start on this now?
I'm not a builder by trade (obviously) and some of the "completion steps" conventionally followed seems a little counter-intuitive to me.

Any advise would be appreciated.


oh'mike 11-10-2009 09:15 PM

Hi. Do your painting first.(you will have a few touch up after the floor, cabinets and trim go in)

Next install the flooring(much better to set your cabinet on top of the floor)

Doors and cabinets next

door and window casing

base molding and shoe.

switches and outlets/covers--light fixtures

Mop in Hand 11-10-2009 10:44 PM

I'l have to go along with oh'mike on this. By all means paint now. No reason to wait. If time permits follow up with the floor. It is not necessary to wait to install the floor after the cabinets are in. It is also not necessary to install the flooring "wall to wall" either if you installing the floor before the cabinets are in. (save a little money) Plan it out, insure the flooring will be covered by the cabinet base. Shims on the bottom-back of the base cabinets will take care of the difference.

lupin62 11-11-2009 08:00 PM

Thanks guys - that's what I thought. I guess I just needed some confirmation.

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