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mohamie1 07-20-2012 09:02 PM

Adding storage area above steps
Hello, I'm seeking advice on a side project of a project.

In the process of redoing a bedroom and wanted to add additional storage, and thought I could tie in to the unused space above the steps that go to my basement.

Here's what you see when you walk into the back door(green door on the right).

Here is a look from the room. Just right of the picture is the closet for the room.

This is a load bearing wall and have reviewed the procedure regarding constructing a temporary wall while working on the existing wall and feel comfortable doing the work.

I couldn't imagine any other solution other than having access from the bedroom.

Anybody else have a better idea?

I'd appreciate any consturctive input. Thanks

mae-ling 07-20-2012 11:47 PM

Make sure you don't go to low and not have headroom for moving stuff into basement.
Also you don't need to build a temporary wall to put in a header.

This is very dangerous and if you are not an advanced diy person I would suggest you not try it yourself.

Here is how I Install a header when putting it into an existing wall.
1.Remove drywall in area window/door is to go, perhaps even from wall to wall if it is not too much wider as this gives a better ability to make it look right.
2. Put in King studs (full length)and trimmer studs (the ones to go under the edges of the header.)
3. Make up the header. Usually double 2x10 but does depend on your load.
4. Cut the nails top and bottom and pehaps the nails that hold on the sheeting on the studs that are where the header will go and turn them sideways, so they are flat against the outside sheeting. DO NOT REMOVE THEM!!!!!

If yuor ceiling is higher then the top of the header cut the studs off at the top height of the header one at a time and turn them sideways and shim them tight at the bottom plate.

5. Slip the header up into place and slide it in the amount it will go 2" on 2x4 studs 4" on 2x6 studs
6. Now remove the studs you turned sideways. You may need to cut them to get them out but usually they will come.
7. Push your beam all the way in and secure with nails or screws.
8. If it is a window build the bottom of your opening.
9. cut out opening and do whatever you need to do with whatever siding you have.
10. Re-drywall or patch.

Easier to do then explain

GBrackins 07-22-2012 05:56 PM

Check with your local building official, but typically you need a minimum of 80-inches of clear headroom height between the nosing of the treads and the finish ceiling above. Your code requirement may be different.

Good luck!

mohamie1 09-14-2012 04:49 PM

3 Attachment(s)

Picture 1 gives some idea of size. I knocked out the size I would like the storage to be.

Picture 2 shows the structure (or lack thereof of a sturcture) above the wall.

Picture 3 shows the other wall studs I wanted to anchor to. Notice how they are sideways. This is where creativity comes into play, or, redneck engineering. :laughing:

Any and all advice is appreciated.


hand drive 09-16-2012 09:30 AM

what height is there from the stair treads up to the where you did the demo on the outside corner of the wall where the stair well opening is and the underside of the proposed floor system? Besides the head height issue while walking the stairs that looks simple to do, just build a floor system in the space and add a header into the wall to give access atop of the floor space. A full border edge band will be needed and then fill in with floor joists and joist hangers and then add 3/4 plywood on top.

you might have to build a head clearance nook for the stair well opening ...

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