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TexasJess 11-15-2011 05:08 PM

Adding a full basement
Hi all!
I'm new to this site and wanted a little advice. I own a single wide 16x76 mobile home. It was built in 2003, is in great condition, and is on several acres of my privately owned land. We'd like to add a basement to our mobile home to not only double our floor space, but to also have our home secured better rather than having it sit on top of block supports. Has anyone here done this type of upgrade? I know it has been done before. We plan on a basement size of 16x76 to mirror the current size of our home, with 3 bedrooms/2 full baths, and moving the laundry room down there. Does anyone have a roundabout idea of what this would cost? How long it would take to complete? We don't plan on moving/selling our home, we just want more living space-so I don't care about increasing home value. What all is involved with this process? My husband and I are in the planning stages currently. Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!

Ron6519 11-15-2011 11:04 PM

I suggest you call in a few foundation contractors to get estimates. You need to get people in there to see the situation.

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