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1st time finishing basement, ideas.

Hello Everyone,
I plan on finishing my basement this summer. Here are my plans/ideas. Feel free to give you opinions this is my first time doing this.
The house is 4 years old, we live in Central PA. Colder winters (coldest 0-10 F) Warmer Summers (90-100 F)
I did the duct tape and plastic test, no moisture at all. i plan on running a dehumidifier just to be safe. The previous owner did put some sort of drylock on the wall though.

The one wall (non load bearing) is already done, splitting the basement and garage.

Here are the plans for the Back wall.

The wall is block. It has a small window in the block right in the center. It also has waste water pipes running the length. Pics to follow. I plan on putting xps (1" or 2") directly on the wall.
Because the pipes sit out about 6 inches from the wall. I will build the stud wall about 1 inch from those pipes. This will close up that window. Will that be ok?
Also after I stud out and put the wall up. The only insulation I have will be the xps. Is this ok?
Do I need a vapor barrier in this scenario? or is the xps enough?

So it would be Block Wall-xps-air-frame-drywall

Front Wall:

I can't do 2x4 studs here because i lose too much room where the stairs come down. (Pics to Follow)

So I plan on doing Furring Strips.
I have some questions on these.
Can I put the 1" xps on the block wall. Then put 2x2 bottom and top plates? then 1x4x8's for the studs directly against the xps? Or will this not give any room for moisture control? Any other ideas on how I can save space?

I plan on putting a drop ceiling in so I can have access to the overhead pipes, etc.

I also plan on putting some sort if laminate flooring in. Does that go in after the walls are finished?

Also How do I wall the stairs? just cut everything to fit? insulation, drywall, furring strips?

Any info is greatly thanked
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There has to be two or three hundred post on these subjects already posted on here.
Take a look and 90 % of your questions will be ansewered.


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Anyone? I've read on here that the xps straight on the wall is the way to go.
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You will need a permit to be safe, and egress from the space besides the stairs. Foam board/canned foam at rims: http://www.buildingscience.com/docum...l_seal_rev.pdf

Air spaces are bad, especially behind the foam: http://joneakes.com/jons-fixit-database/743

Laminate on f.b., plywood, Dricore, Delta FL, run against the wood frame wall that is on sill sealer, p.t. bottom plate. Fire-stop every 10' lineally.

You need a lot of foam board to go without cavity insulation: http://www.buildingscience.com/docum...study-analysis

If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent.
17,000 dryer fires a year, when did you last clean the inside of the dryer near motor or the exhaust ducting?
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XPS glued with the proper glue (ML300?). I am doing 1" and will monitor the humidity in the summer. You can do 2" and be more assured that you won't have a moisture problem with condensation. I would then frame right up against the XPS, 2x4 or 2x6, whatever is needed to clear the pipes. Frame and insulate around them so as not to have a gap. I would remove the electrical conduit and run a new romex to new outlets once it was been framed.

Why cover the window? If doing that I would take the window out and block it in. Leave the window for light.

That landing looks a little suspect. Check with your local inspector as to how big it needs to be by code.

And read, REad, READ. There is a lot of info in all the posts here.

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