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tpagel 07-21-2008 09:43 PM

Yet another window question
I will be renovating our kitchen soon, and above the sink is a 30"x40" single paned, wood framed window. I will be altering the dimensions of the room slightly, and to get the opening of the window centered over the sink again, I need to go to a smaller width window. My initial question was do I frame the opening small enough to provide for new construction windows, or try to do a replacement? After some reading, I am leaning toward new construction windows. The exterior of the house is rough-sawn vertical cedar board and batten, and currently there is no "standard" trim type for any of the openings and the openings are not related to the batten spacing. I don't really care how much exterior siding I remove in order to make this work, because being vertical batten, it is very easy to replace, with no overlap issues as with horizontal siding, and I plan to eventually reside the structure using uniform 5" wide flat stock window trim. If I frame the RO, say, 6" narrower, do I just add 6" of exterior plywood sheathing to the new wall framing, add a corresponding piece of Tyvek, tape the seams in the membrane with flashing tape, and proceed as if the opening were monolithic, or is there something else I need to do? I was going to basically follow this guide:

This would be my first window installation ever, but I feel I have enough carpentry skills to do it correctly. Just let me know if there are any tricks in re-establishing a weather tight building envelope. Thanks in advance.

buletbob 07-21-2008 10:51 PM

I personally would go with new construction window. check your locale lumber yard for a window catalog and look up the window your going to use. They have all the spec's on the size, construction,. you say 6" put Double 2x on both sides, depending on your center line.

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