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window trim

How do I trim a replacement window?


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You will have to measure the top, bottom and sides of the window. Deduct ½’’ from each measurement to allow for a ¼’’ reveal around the window. Now that you cut your trim to your window measurements, cut a 45 degree angle at each end of your trim. Now that everything is cut use finishing nails to secure the trim through the drywall and into the studs which make up the window frame. But before you start nailing be sure to measure and mark ¼’’ in and up or down on the frame at each corner, so that you line up the trim correctly.

When all the trim is nailed in place use a silicone, interior caulk to seal the trim to the window and also to the wall. This will help stop any air gaps, and ensure the trim does not pull away from the wall over time. When this is done you are now ready to prime and paint the trim and you’re done.


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Basically your first reply there is going to work you through trimming out a window. I assume you already have a sill and are not matching any other trims, as if you were - that would dictate how you do this one. There is one thing you may wish to do. Beneath the sill add a piece of trim - this is the apron. Measure the distance from side to side (outside dimensions) or OD of your sides trim , then cut a piece of trim that length and secure it with 8d finishing nails to the studding and possibly sill blocks if there are any. Then nail down through the sill with 6d finishing at near both sides and in the middle. This adds a little support to the sill. Set all nails prior to sealing with your caulking compound. Fill all set nail indents.

On the apron, one little thing that makes for a nice job is to use close-end miters. Thats just what is says. You would make a a 45 cut on each end, then cut small pieces to Glue and brad tack to the ends so there is no butt grain showing. Or you can just make sure you use a sharp blade - then sand the butt grain with 180 - 220.

If you have to put a sill on this window, measure the finished jamb opening (ID) add 1/2 inch (thats the 1/4 +1/4 you marked for setting back the sides) then double the width of your trim - say 3" trim would mean add 6 inches more, then add 3/4" to give you 3/8 inch extending past each side where it meets the sill and 3/8" past each side of the apron.

Remember - if you have any other trim in this area - it is always best to follow the profile that is there.
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