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window in bathroom

I just bought a house, and it has a window above the tub in the main bath. I am going to make the tub a tub/shower combo and I was wondering how to include that window and yet keep it waterproof and from molding if I go to Lowes and buy tub surrond walls. It is already a hazy window, so privacy isn't an issue, because you already cannot see through it.


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You will need to sort through these books for the best idea, as I have never faced that problem:
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If it has a sill, make sure that it angles down so water drains away from the window. Plane if necessary. You will want to caulk carefully and completely between your new walls and the frame/trim. Keep the window trim and frame painted and consider covering it with a cut down and sewn-to-fit shower curtain material to keep it from getting any more wet than it needs to. Hopefully it is high enough that it will not get drowned on a regular basis? If it is going to be in the full force of the water on a daily basis you may want to reconsider depending on the type of window and frame.
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How about a glass block window! Incorporate the blocks into the tiles.
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Not sure of the window type but I would replace with a vinyl window, cover the returns with cement tile backer board and tile. Slope the sill back into the shower so water does not collect on the sill.
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Glass Blocks are awesome. I absolutely love them. GBR has some good books. Look through em. ;-)
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Vinyl window and vinyl trim is the only way I would do it.
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From my point of view as a contractor who has done these: "rjniles" got straight to the first point of consideration-What type of window? Is this a wood frame window, or a metal frame window? Does it a single hung or double hung sash window? Might it be a canopy or casement window? I'm going out on a limb and say that it may be a wooden window, because you state that it is "above the tub in the main bath". This sounds typical of older homes not having a shower head in them when built. I have placed tub surrounds on tub/shower enclosures with windows in exterior walls. The surround pieces have to be cut very carefully to match up to the window trim. I have had to trim corner pieces to fit window edges to the point that the corner pieces just would not fit correctly, this was explained to the ownere before cutting. IF this is a wooden window frame, I would seriously consider replacing the window with another option before starting the project. It is going to very difficult to not have water hit any window with a shower head, and you would want to assure you will not have to replace this window soon due to water damage. Since you state that the window is hazy now, I would also recommend glass block in this area to admit light. BUT, I am one of those who like a window I can see through in a bath/shower area. It's just one of my quirks, sort of makes me feel like I'm showering outdoors. I just returned from a trip to visit my daughter and she has a vinyl clad, canopy window (swings opens upward to the outside) in her master bath, and I thought it was wonderful. Good Luck, David


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