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ConstantChange 09-05-2009 11:29 PM

What wood/product to replace rotted door jamb?
I have two exterior doors that each have 4-6" of rot at the bottom of the door jamb. What product can I use that will hold up and not have me doing this same repair in 5 or so years?

It looks like the previous owners already replaced this before by cutting out the old section and putting in the same wood as a replacement. Well, the replacement is rotting out now.

Can I use something called Polywood? Just read a little bit about it online.

These doors have little coverage from the elements, so they will get water on them eventually. These wood jambs are soaking the water up and rotting to pieces.

Thurman 09-06-2009 07:14 AM

At least in my area: Most standard size door jambs are available at the big box stores, ready to install. You will need to mortise in any needed hinges. I usually find it easier/quicker to replace the door jamb than to spend time removing/replacing a portion of the jamb for repair. One thing I do is to re-prime both sides of the jamb, with a high quality oil primer, and allow to thoroughly dry before attempting to install them. This may delay my project a day but I feel that it's worth it. You state that the door has little coverage from the elements. In a case like this I would suggest to the homeowner that they seriously consider the installation of a "storm" type door to keep the elements off of most of their nice door. Good Luck, David

Chemist1961 09-06-2009 07:21 AM

I have a similar issue with a bowed sill on a 42`` exterior door. I need to remove the sill and may have to replace the jamb so I did a bit of research. If you`re up for it and the doors themselves are still in good shape you might consider removing the entire door and replacing that side of the jamb top to bottom...Several local door manufacturers here have kits available for rebuilds.
I did splice in a foot long section on my jamb inside surrounding the deadbolt with 1 x 3 but it is not exposed to weather and I did not cut through the entire 1x 6 jamb.. I used 4- 6 inch screws and a bit of filler and all is good 5 years later, but again this is inside
Also see if you can do anything to deflect future moisture

Bob Mariani 09-07-2009 10:05 AM

yes, polywood or Minwax wood epoxy will work fine to patch the rotted wood.

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