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Water stained floor joists

I'm getting drywall installed in my lower level dining room and after removing the old ceiling, I noticed this on the joists..should I be concerned and is there anything I should do before drywalling? Pics attached. Thanks! Kevin
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Water stained floor joists-image-341901654.jpg   Water stained floor joists-image-2612455867.jpg  


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That looks like evidence of a leak. You need to verify that the cause of the leak has been permanently cured. You can check the condition of the joist using a sharp probe, I often use an awl. If the wood is soft, it is likely rotten, and you should then consider replacement. If the deterioration is surface only, you can clean it if you wish with bleach, or ignore it, as long as the leak has been fixed.


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You have old steel drains, an antique drum trap.
All of which at some point were going to plug up or rust out and leak.
Now the time to replace it before that ceiling goes up.
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You should also fasten the electrical cables up properly to keep them away from the drywall screws.
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Everyone have made excellent comments, one more to consider, if the upstairs bathroom floor is a little bouncy now is the time also to beef up your floor.

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That is a wiped lead joint above the piece of 2 x 4. Its been a long time since Ive seen one of those. That was done back when plumbing was an art.

It would be absolutely insane to drywall this before properly replacing all of this plumbing with PVC, and correcting any structural issues, unless you install your drywall with Velcro.
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either that is a leak from the outside getting in or your plumbing leaks now or has leaked in the past. have you lived in the house a long time or do you know of repairs done in the plumbing over time. best to find out which it is before covering up with drywall, one of those scenarios where one thing leads to another- you just have to follow the trail until it ends...
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The sub-floor above all the drains (at the very top center of the first pic) also appears to be water damaged. Need to address that sub-floor, make sure it is 100% sound or your going to be back in there in the near future, only coming from above, looking at these joints, the plumbing and so on so forth as you fix that.

Best to inspect the sub-floor aboce the joists, ensure the joists they have not been comprised (you can use a simple awl for this) and change out all that plumbing to more up to date pvc and then dry wall it all back in or you can dry wall it now and come back and do it all in a shirt bit. All of those plumbing pieces are pretty much antiques now and they've definitely given their money's worth so how about lettin' 'em all retire.

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That would be a good spot for a service access hatch in the ceiling.


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