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Squidbilly 09-04-2012 12:33 AM

water in the church from Hurricane Isaac
I am a member of a rural Methodist Church in Southern Mississippi. We are working to complete a brand new facility and are probably 85% complete. It is a metal building (red iron w/ metal wall studs and drywall) with brick veneer on the South and East Sides only. The brick veneer was installed directly over the corrugated metal siding on those sides. On the south and east sides, we have gutters that empty directly into flower beds that are awaiting landscaping (no drainage system). We have a concrete parking lot.

During Hurricane Isaac, we received a great deal (15"-20") of wind driven rain on that south and east side of the building as you can imagine. Thursday, I found considerable amounts of water in the building and all over our brand new floor covering (wood + carpet + vct). However, none was noticed to have entered on the west or north walls. Upon further inspection, I noticed our veneer has no weeps holes or flashing, and the brick overhangs the brick ledge by an 1" or 2" in some spots. None of us are builders/experts, and we are struggling to determine the entry point for the water (we ruled out the obvious) as well as what to do to correct the problem.

Squidbilly 09-04-2012 12:37 AM

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pictures of the building:

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