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ryan.kelly 10-12-2011 09:18 PM

Wall cabinet mounted next to pantry cabinet
I am installing cabinets in my kitchen. The old ones were original and falling apart.

I have a 90" pantry cabinet installed next to the fridge opening. To it's right, I will be installing a 12" wall cabinet and 12" base between the pantry and stove/range.

My dilemma is, the pantry cabinet is base cabinet depth. The face frame of these cabinets extends beyond the side panels about a quarter of an inch. If I install the base cabinet, the face frames touch and create a half inch gap between the boxes. Since the wall cabinet is standard 12" wall cabinet depth, the face frame of the pantry and wall cabinet do not touch, leaving only a quarter inch gap between the boxes.

This would obviously make it so the wall and base cabinets are not directly in line vertically with each other.

What should I do? 1/4" plywood? Get a hardwood board and stain it? The cabinets are already finished. Buy a wall cabinet spacer and rip it? I'm a little lost here. Any help would be appreciated. :)

firehawkmph 10-13-2011 12:47 AM

just get a matching filler and rip a narrow strip off it. Measure the overhang carefully so the filler is the same width, probably 3/16", depends on the cabinet manufacturer. I fasten them with a 23 gauge pin nailer then with screws through the side of the pantry wall, through the filler and into the cabinet style.
Mike Hawkins:)

Ron6519 10-13-2011 08:50 AM

The gap between the base cabinet boxes will be covered by the counter.

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