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Vinyl Window in Concrete Block

Glad I found this site, however, I just installed 2 vinyl windows in concrete block. I ordered them to fit the concrete block with no wood buck. My questions are to anyone to see if I did this right. I did read alot and asked the OEM who said it was fine. I am ready to trim the inside now.

1. took out old wood windows and buck
2. shimmed vinyl in existing block after pouring mortor in open cavities of
block. didnt have to , but wanted solid surface I guess
3. plummed all sides and put shims on bottom to keep up about 1/8"
4. pre drilled first hole through vinyl sides with 3/8" drill-man you have to
be careful. (only pushed too hard on one hole and it went all the way
5. hammer drilled holes for 2 3/4" tapcons
6. screwed tapcons to point with vinyl pulled tight against the shims,
window opened fine
7. Once solid, I used window seal spray non expand foam around entire
inside window to concrete wall gaps. filled nice and tight
8. cut back overflow of foam and then caulked outside with white window
Questions--should I have covered concrete block with black paper?
should I have put sealant under sill first even though foam
is tight
where do I get vinyl plugs for 3/8's holes? Plus, I will fill holes
with sealant before pushing plug in
Inside Trimming Questions--Not enough for wood buck to nail trim so want to install trim wood direct to concrete block using PL400 and drilling one 3/8's hole in middle of each trim pc to hold. Once dries will fill hole with wood dowel plug and sand off then paint.

I cut the the trim wood and it looks good in the well, however, question is whether I need to tapcon this after PL400 to eliminate wood dowel work.

Okay, this is where I am. If I made a mistake, be gentle. We had 40 mile an hour rain and wind gusts and everything okay so far.


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Sounds like you did a nice install. I would just glue the wood trim on like you mentioned, no need for tapcons or drilling into the window, it's not holding anything up, just decoration. I would fasten all four sides of the tirm together like a picture frame and install it as one piece. That way the corners would be glued and pinned together.
Mike Hawkins


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That sounds pretty good -- good call on the vinyl windows too.

One recommendation I would make would be to find some new window wells for the installation as well. If you get some nice plastic ones, that will not corrode, you can make a big difference with what you're actually looking at outside that window. Try to find ones with clear plastic covers as well, as they'll let in light but not dirt, leaves, debris, etc. Also-- covered window wells will help you improve your energy efficiency, as they'll protect the windows from being buffeted by winter winds.
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@firehawk--I did not read both these posts before I finished my project, however,
1. Caulked around the inside of the window before trimming. Probably didnt need it but did it anyway
2. I did glue the trim pcs on the block and then cut boards wedging them between all sides to hold the trime pcs tight against the concrete block. I went ahead and drilled one hole in the middle of each, then inserted one tapcon. I plugged the hole with a wood plug and with carpenters glue.

2. After it dried, (was very tight, probably didnt need tapcons) I trimmed it out. Sanded the holes down, caulked a very small bead around inside and just finished painting with a kils primer.

@concrete--these are windows in a walkout basement. Wife noticed how much more light comes in when you have so much more window and less trimming.

If I did this job again, I might have tapconed a womanized wood buck, but then I would have had to trim the outside, by measuring RO of concrete block, this fit was nice and the view is much better with more window. As any DYIer, I just hope she stays in place. I truly think the next person who takes this window out might be pulling some concrete block with it!
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Sounds like a good install. Plus 1 on the window well covers. Make sure the exterior caulk is made to stick to concrete. [ not all will ]
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