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Brandnewruins 04-23-2009 12:58 AM

Unsure of best way to mount studs.
I wanted to thank everyone for giving me the helpful advice on my last post, and so promptly too!! So here is another totally newbie question. So I've been looking around for the best way to put my studs in and I've gotten a bunch of mixed. I figure the best way would be to measure and cut my top and sole plates. Vise them together and mark the studs, then place them on their respectful chalk lines and hit em with two or three nails. Measure and cut all my studs, remove top plate. Pop nails in the according studs through the top plate, rplace the top plate and scrunch and wiggle studs into respective areas on sole plate and toe nail in? Right or something like that at least? Also, I'm doing like a 12 foot wall and a 3 ft toe wall. Can I get away with pre drilling holes a little smaller than my 10d's or should I go rent a paslode or something? Thanks in advance, and I'm already loving this site!!

CrossWorks 04-23-2009 07:20 AM

So..from what I understand, your framing a wall with the material layed down on the floor???

Ron6519 04-23-2009 08:28 AM

It would be easier to have two bottom plates and build the wall in total on the floor using just one bottom plate. This way you can raise the wall into the vertical position and place it on the bottom plate. Then nail or screw the two plates together.
Make the wall 1/8" smaller then the height and add shims as needed. If it's too tight, you'll end up damaging the ceiling sheetrock unnecessarily.

Brandnewruins 04-23-2009 10:54 AM

Yes. I have just my two plates laid out now. I figure I'll cut them to be the same length. The length being decided by the top plate because it will run into the header over the passageway (see pics). I will end wall at header over passageway and then build a little 3 foot toe wall in the passage and double up the two by fours on the end of that toe wall to nail into from other wall's 2x4. I just can't figure out any other way to do this and shims? Where do I put the shims? Are shims a permanent materiel? This is my first time doing anything besides decking or minor stud replacement behind a shower. I've seen messed up walls and don't want to build one, although I like to do things the easy way more so than break my back.

waterman1971 04-23-2009 02:32 PM

If you have room you can build the wall to the correct height and "rack" it to allow it fit into its location.

CrossWorks 04-23-2009 03:02 PM

Well okay, I don't see any pictures, but this is how you should be about building your wall.
  • Lay both of your plates together on edge, and even up the ends.
  • Now for your stud layout: take your tape measure (going left > right) hook it to the end and at every 16" inches make a mark on the stud, 3/4" back. So with your first mark make it 15-1/4" and make an X on the right side of your mark, your second...31-1/4", your third....47-1/4" on and so forth until the end on the right.
  • Now take either a "speed square" or a combination square and make lines where you had initially made the small marks.
  • After determining your floor-to-ceiling height, subtract 3-5/8" inches from that number and this will be your stud length. Make sure to confirm the floor-to-ceiling height is consistant by measuring in quarters to the run of the wall. If the numbers don't match, use the smallest number to determine wall height.
  • Cut your 2x4 studs. Now your ready to assemble your wall. The studs should always line up with the side of the line with the X.
  • I found the easisy way to fasten the 2x4's is with 3" drywall screws if you have a cordless drill. Otherwise, use 12D framing nails and make sure the edges are "flush" to eachother.
  • Once your studs have been fastened, left your wall in place (you should have already made a chaulk line on the floor to locate your bottom plate)and use the "Shims" to hold the wall up temporarly.
  • Now line up your plate to the chaulk line on the floor and nail/screw your bottom plate.
  • Then grag your 4' level and make a mark at the top of the wall when you've determined it to be plumb. Then either screw or nail that end of your wall to the existing wall.
  • Plumb the other end and fasten, then fasten the top plate to the ceiling.

Brandnewruins 04-24-2009 04:12 AM

I'm sorry I forgot to post pics.....I had to go to work and my connection was being spotty.

But what I'm saying is this house/building is 70+ years old. I'm nailing into this 1 inch OLD style tongue and groove. These walls, ceilings, and floors are like a mogul ski course. Thank you for your straight forward advice. I will try to apply it as best I can I guarantee.

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