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Steve 06-07-2006 12:01 AM

TV Recess
HI! I just moved into a home with a TV recess built-in above a fireplace. Problem I have is that my existing TV is approx. 6" deeper than the recess. Short of laying down cash on a new TV does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might be able to accommodate the existing unit? I was thinking about fabricating some sort of tray out of angle Iron so that I could slide the unit in and out for access to the cable connections at the rear and at the same time the tray when fully retracted would remain extended for the 6" or so of added support I need at the front of the unit. Does this make sense and would it be a feasible solution?

Thank you in advance for your consideration!!

Big Dave 06-07-2006 06:54 AM

Here is a link to what you are looking for.

Hope this helps, Dave.

Steve 06-09-2006 08:50 PM

TV Recess
Many Thanks BIG DAVE! Your response is appreciated!


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