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markandchristy 03-28-2009 12:34 AM

Trim Around Window
My fiance has a house that is fairly new, but the trim around the window in the bathroom is starting to fall apart. It's particle board and I don't think it was weather treated. I'm going to replace the trim this week with weather treated 2x4's, is there anything else I need to do? It's just the trim that's messed up, and it has to be done before they will approve a loan and finalize everything. I appreciate everyone's help, and look forward to getting a lot if input and work done.


DangerMouse 03-28-2009 04:44 AM

outside trim? particle board? hmm... i never use that stuff for anything, let alone outdoors or inside in a wet location.

i had the same situation here, before they'd do the loan, they wanted me to put soffit in an area where none was needed. no ventilation there!
kinda stupid, but i had to do it.


Just Bill 03-28-2009 06:22 AM

If you are talking about exterior brick molding, there is a vinyl or composite version available, that will not rot. Use that as a replacement. There are also some versions of interior trim that stand up better for bathroom trim.

markandchristy 05-09-2009 01:04 AM

Pic of rotting wood, it was pretty much like this all the way around the window.
After taking the old trim off and putting up new trim and sealing it off.
Completed Job, sealed, painted, the works.

sorry it took so long to get these up.

Ron6519 05-10-2009 12:56 PM

That is a very odd wood configuration on a brick house. Looks like some previous homeowner's way of getting larger windows in without the expense of a mason.
From the pictures it looked like T-111 siding with wood trim, maybe some MDF.
Properly repaired, you should be good for a while.

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