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Knucklez 10-24-2009 01:55 PM

Tressle table - how to build?
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i love this tressle table. sadly it sells for $2800 and would take me a long time to save up for.. in fact, i could probably build it myself before i could save that much.

i'm stumped though, on how to connect the table top to the ' X ' shaped base. the table is probably a hundred pounds.. and you know somebody is going to lift the table to move it into a new position in the room.. so the connection has to be strong.

what i know about table making is that the top has to be connected in such a way that it still allows for movement due to moisture expansion/shrinkage.

i have seen on the net these tabs or table top clips that are screwed into the under side of the table top and then rotate to slide into a slot (biscuit cut) of the horizontal piece at the top of the X bracing. this would work, but i doubt its strong enough .. even 4 of these per side.

what else is out there?


oh'mike 10-24-2009 03:18 PM

Right question--Wrong place--HaHa-Try next door at the woodworking forum,Nice bunch of people there,You may even find drawings of a trestle table.

Often there is a cleat on the top of the cross buck similar to the foot. four screws into slightly ovalized holes will do it.

A cross buck trestle table is a fine furniture project. You already own most of the tools required.

Have fun, By the way an old fashioned lumber yard should have "step stock" (2x10 and 2x12 with square edges) High grade stock with small knots-Great for the top!


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