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Tapering and cutting door casing

**UPDATE** After further research and conversing, it looks like the Bosch 4100-09 may solve all my casing install problems

New door installed next to wall. I need to cut the width of the casing 1/2" to fit flush against wall and hinges. Also need to taper the width casing about 1/4" to fit flush for the length of the adjacent wall. This is my first time installing casing.

Handsaw was effective for the rip cut but very slow. I have a Dremel 300 series with router table attachment, I've tried the plywood cutting and sanding bits but it was not able to cut the casing perfectly straight (the bit "wobbled" ever so slightly when pushed against). I also tried marking the cut line and sanding it down on my "work sharp" tool sharpener with 80 grit but again poor results were produced. So after all this hassle I figured I'm probably not doing something right.

From my research, it sounds like a table saw would be easiest to do the rip cut. Could it also be used for the tapering and how would it be set up to cut at the specific taper? I do not currently have a table saw however but may now be in the market for one if it is needed. I'm renovating my entire house so perhaps it can come in handy for other projects.

I'll also be doing an entire floor worth of window and baseboard trim. After my recent experiences with my dremel routing table I don't have the confidence in it to deliver professional trim cutting results. Would you recommend that I obtain a real router in order to cut the beveled edges to fit trim at corners?


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You would use a miter saw to cut the corner connections. A miter saw with a bevel feature will help.
I've never used a router to trim out a room with molding, though the tool is very useful if you're making your own moldings.


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I have the Bosch TS and also the Festool TS 55 track saw.

For taper cuts the Festool is far superior because the taper is set by laying the guide rail on the work piece. The saw will cut exactly to the line even with bevel cuts.

I have a tapering jig for the Bosch TS but would not attempt to use it to cut a taper now that i have the Festool.


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destroyer427--I looked at your post and the first thought I had was: Does he feel that he wants a table saw because he's doing this project, or does he really need a table saw because he may have quite a bit of use for one later? Just a suggestion to you: IF you have access to a millwork shop in your area. Can you take the pieces you need cut to them, along with good drawings and descriptions of your cuts and pay them to do these? It will cost for sure, but not the price of a table saw. I actually have a cabinet shop in my area which will do the work for me that I cannot handle with my equipment. Just a thought, Good Luck, David
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