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Supporting a spinning type axle, cutting down its ability to spin

I need to make a wheel/axle project thats part of assignment thats coming up in my applications class.
Problem is the only thing I know about wheel/axle's are a few videos Ive seen on youtube and it doesnt fully make sense yet..
Hoping somone can help me here.

If I was making 2 wheels move, no problem. I think I got that.
My problem is that both wheels will be off the ground, and not a true car type wheel based axle, where both sides will be stabalized on the floor by 2 parallel wheels like a car would.
My problem - supporting both sides off the ground without raising resistence to the spin, but still structured where if I spin one the other will spin as well, just like..

O-----------(connecting rod)--------------o

I want them to spin freely in mid air
This is where I am totally lost.
WHERE AND HOW WOULD I SUPPORT THESE THINGS to keep them levelled and 12" inches off the ground

I know nothing about bearings, but if I would try (2) bearing "posts" to stabalize like this


Wont the weight of the connecting rod and the wheels at each end severely hinder (create overwhelming resistence) that this thing wont really be able to spin freely because its need to be supported

In air, it will spin freely, so WHERE and HOW should I put the support
so this things ability to spin isnt hindered much.



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Try two bearings like this. (Its called a pillow-block bearing.) That's the whole point of a bearing --- to minimize rolling resistance. Not sure how heavy your wheels are, or how "frictionless" you are trying to achieve, but likely the rubber seals on the bearing (keeps debris out) will be creating more resistance to rotation than actual rolling friction of the bearing. If you really want to minimize friction, you may wish to try yanking out the rubber seals.
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If both wheels are to spin together, then the solid axle between them is the thing to use with a bearing mounted at each end of the shaft and as close to the wheel as possible. If the wheels are to spin independently of each other, then they need to each have their own shaft with 2 bearings on each shaft, an inboard and an outboard bearing. The weight of the wheels and any load that they need to bear would play into this. If there is no load and the wheels are very light, then a flange bearing may work. On a front drive car, the rear wheels spin on a two bearing hub mounted to a very short, stubby, stationary axle. The rear wheels on a rear drive car spin on long axles supported by bearings at each end. It would help if we knew what the intent of the wheels or the machine was. Rolling resistance will be determined by the friction forces of the bearing surface at a given load and the dynamic balance of the rolling assembly.
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