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clemkonan 09-20-2007 10:39 PM

Stair Makeover
I have removed the carpet from my stairs and I would like to either add a thin layer of oak that I can stain to the risers and treads or alternatively paint them.

My problems are:
1)what is the rise / run requirements to keep the stairs in code , by my measurement the rise is 6 inches and the run (tread ) is 9 inches?
2) How on earth do I cut the overhand off and why is this necessary?

3) Can I use laminate as this is what I have on my upstairs and these are the internal stairs leading from the second floor?

The stair guys want $4000 to cover everything in oak but I cannot afford that. worse case I will be happy with a nice paint job and a runner.

gregzoll 09-23-2007 03:25 PM

See where Rise & Run is described to someone who is replacing. As for $400 that is not bad for putting a "Veneer" overlay over the existing Treads & Risers. A whole lot cheaper, then having the Stair guy make up a whole new stair structure, tearing out the old, and putting in the new.

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