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jibber 11-11-2005 02:03 AM

spindle spacing
I'm building some new balusters /w spindles anybody know the spacing codes ? thanks

jproffer 11-11-2005 04:57 AM

I know the spacing codes where I am. Before spending a bunch of money building them out of code though, you should check with your own building dept.

Code where I am is 4".:rolleyes: Actually, I guess in theory, it's 0.001" LESS than 4". It has to be made so that a 4" sphere can't pass betweem them anywhere. So if they're turned, and you make it so the top and bottom are a little less than 4" apart, it'll fail in the center where they're turned down smaller.

DecksEtc 11-11-2005 09:05 PM

Code here is 4" too. Personally, I space all my balusters at 3 1/2" to far exceed code - I never have to worry about shrinkage either.

jproffer 11-12-2005 01:40 AM

Didn't we discuss this once on the "other side":D ...I remember someone (presumably you Decks) saying they space all spindles 3.5 to allow for shrinkage, turned sections, etc. Had a couple calculators floating around to get the correct spacing with equal end spacing:rolleyes: ...hmmm...maybe I'll look for that mean today:o

lorelei 02-18-2007 07:59 PM

wanting to install newel posts
The old ones are loose and in need of refinishing and I want to start from scratch with the whole railing... anyone dont this before:) ...would appreciate the input. There is also a simple formula for finding the correct spacing between your spindles... and its pretty easy ( even for a )

jproffer 02-18-2007 08:30 PM

You'll get better answers if you start a new thread.

There's no magical formula for spindle spacing. You need to find out what code requires where YOU live and plan accordingly. The number they give you is maximum space, not center to center.

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