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Soffits/Fascia replacement - I need some pointers!
Hi guys -

I've had several contractors out here to give me a quote on the soffit and fascia replacement. I received measurements of 183 LF to 239 LF (I guess they don't know how to measure??). The quotes run the gammit between 1600 for just the rotten wood replacement and painting; 3200 to replace with aluminum and the last one 7973 for virgin vinyl including a gutter system. I am just about fed up with this. The last one wouldn't leave my house (almost three hours!!!) until I signed the contract. I haggled him down from 10k to the final 7973 but thought better of it and called their office this morning - hold off on that.

I am so frustrated. They see a single mom homeowner and seem to think "sucker". I work hard for my money and don't want to end up paying 15 grand just to replace my soffits (cost of intererest amortized over 10 years).

Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions as to what to do? Any reputable contractors they've worked with that were honest and didn't try to price gouge?

Any and all help is appreciated! :thumbup:

Thanks! (I'm in Charlotte, NC BTW)

Darylh 03-13-2007 10:18 AM

Contact 2 of the bigger General Contractors in your area and ask them who they use. Also you have 3 quotes on 3 approaches so its hard to compare. I would get 2 quotes at least and get them to do 3 different quotes on the 3 different ideas you have. Then you will have some good comparisons to work with.

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