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perfectdesigns 11-30-2010 02:08 PM

silent floor bulkhead and wall connecting?
My question is related to silent floor joists. I have a basement that is being developed. 10 foot ceilings with silent floor joisting. What is the best method for attachment to these engineered joists for non load bearing partition walls. Should the partition walls be run up and attached to the upper and lower sides of the flange of the floor joist providing 2 points of connection on the sides of the flange. Or should the wall be run up underneath the flange of the floor joist?. The basement floor is concrete so heaving isn't really a problem in this climate. Just my first experience with silent floor joists. I would assume all fasteners to be wood/deck screws, and to avoid using my framing nailer?

Also with a bulkhead could you just run across the bottom and screw the 2x4 to it if the joists don't run parralel?

What have people found to be the best attachment method if the wall your framing runs parrallel to the joists?

Also bridging yes or no along the wall being put up?

Ron6519 12-01-2010 11:24 PM

Why would you treat this any differently then a dimensional joist system? It's a partition wall, just attach it to the bottom of the engineered joist.

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