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Shower remodel

Hey guys, we got a new house, and I have the finished basement for my room. In the bathroom it has a fiberglass shower inclosure. I am interested in tearing this out and doing a nice tile setup.

As it sits now with the fiberglass, there is no slope to the drain, so water just lies there, not good. I'd like to fix that and make it so water drains properly. How do I lay a new I guess mortar base or whatever is need to do this?

Also, for doing the tyle, What should go on the wall? I don't really know whats behind there now. Any info on how to do this so it will last would be appreciated.

Also, the knob in there now for turning the water on is setup so you just turn it to the left, the further left it goes, the hotter it gets, but theres no adjustment for pressure, I don't like that. It's either all or none. Can I swap this out for maybe something with 2 knobs, one for hot, one for cold?

Any idea on an estimated price for me to do this? Thanks.


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mortar bed it is
first you need to contain the mortar bed (shower floor) I recomend a curb
somthing say over 3" high no more than 6"
do you have a basement slab or wood sleepers w/ plywood subfloor
your shower floor will need a few steps to complete
a sound subsurface to lay a preslope this is what gives most showers a dished effect that causes water to find its way to the drain.
a shower pan typically a pvc (polyvinalchloride) liner that covers your shower floor extends up and over your curb and partially up your shower walls.
a clamping shower drain that captures your pvc liner
a mortar bed and tile
vapor barrier, backer boards and tiles for your walls and perhaps ceiling
and a new shower diverter hows your plumbing skills
if you do all the work your self save you easy 5 grand


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