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Gravel7 10-07-2009 09:17 AM

Shed Roof Truss Question
I have a question I was hoping someone may be able to help me with.
I am building a 14' x 16' shed. The walls are all up and I am getting ready to put the trusses in place. I built the trusses in my garage last weekend....raining a design i found in a shed book i bought at Lowes.

The bottom chord spans 14', it is a 12/12 pitch, i made gussetts out of 1/2 ply and used all 2x6 lumber (although the book used 2x4). I live in Maine (SNOW) will be using 1/2" advantech, with clips, and spacing the trusses 24" OC. The roof will recieve asphalt shingles.

My big worry is this....these trusses are all simple triangles, 3 boards, with no king stud or interior bracing at all. Is that crazy? I liked the openess of it, for storage reasons, but as i got thinking about it I started to wonder.

Do you think that I must install some sort of interior brace or will the 2x6's handle this just fine?

This is how they did it in the book, but it was for a shed with a 10' span...not 14' like mine.....but they used 2x4 not 2x6 like mine.......

Thanks for any opinions at all!!!!!!


Just Bill 10-08-2009 06:13 AM

The whole idea of trusses is to eliminate center support beams/walls. You don't include a drawing of the trusses, but you should probably have the design checked out first.

I built my own trusses for my porch(1991) from a design book on trusses. Local inspector said "oh, you did your own trusses, looks good". 18' span, 4.5 rise, made from 2x4 and plywood gussetts, glued and stapled in place.

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