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Auntnana 04-06-2006 01:14 PM

Replacing floor framing
I am restoring a 125 year old brick home. The ground was leveled off and the brick walls built on the ground - no footers/concrete foundation. The first story floors are completely rotted away. There is at most 22" of space between the dirt and the bottom of the door frames -22" being the distance I fell before hitting solid ground ;0)
The first room I want to tackle is 12'x14'. What would be the best approach to building a floor back? Keeping in mind there's nothing along the ground at the walls except the walls themselves. Would I set block up against the bricks to set girders on? Also, with the limited amount of space, what size joists and girders and at what spacing? I went to get the building permit but where I'm at (way out in the county in TN) the only permit/inspections required is for new structures, exterior additions (porch/deck/garage), new electrical and new plumbing. So it won't be inspected but I want to do it right regardless. The brick were all handmade so the interior bricks are pretty fragile, don't think I could actually anchor anything to them. Any advice is appreciated.

lxdollarsxl 04-21-2006 10:58 PM

I think if it were me doing it i would come in about 2 feet from outer opposite walls and dig a footer, when set would set 2 rows of block then fit a base plate on which to set my floor joists that way you wouldnt be damaging the brickwork but would have a secure floor. Of course anchor bolts fitted in the block construction.

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