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jkirby39 01-23-2009 06:29 PM

Replacing Carpet on Stairway with Wood
I want to replace the carpet on my stairway. The problem I have is that on the bannister side of the stairs, there is already a portion that is made of wood.

I have now determined that this wood is red oak. But, the wood is only 1/2" higher than the plywood, over which the carpet was nailed/stapled.

On the internet, I heard of something called "replacement treads". These are treads that take advantage of the plywood that is already in place. The treads are 1/2" thick, which would match the edge strip of wood.

I have only found one site that sells 1/2" thick treads. Are there others?

I thought I saw, on the internet, reference to replacement treads at Home Depot. Today I stopped at a Home Depot, but the wood-floor-guy didn't know anything about this. I haven't found anything about it on their web site.

My plans:
1) Buy 1 each replacement tread and riser.
2) Buy a small piece of red oak to try out different stains to match the existing wood underneath the bannister.
3) Dry install the replacement tread and riser to see if they fit, and what sawing, if any, I have to do to get them to fit. Note: The existing plywood has an slight overhang so that the carpet somewhat matches the bull nose on the existing wood underneath the bannister.
4) Purchase the remaining replacement treads and riser, stain as determined.
5) Install same.

1) Anyone know where I can find "replacement treads", i.e., treads that are only 1/2" thick instead of the usual 3/4" or thicker treads?
2) I'm thinking of using a stud finder to find the stringers under the plywood, so that I can fasten the treads/riser to the stills. Thoughts?
3) From what I read on this forum, I should screw and glue the treads/risers. Right?
4) I'll fill the screw holes with oak plugs from the store.

Thanks for looking at this.

PS: Is there any way to add photos to these posts?

the carpenter 01-24-2009 04:43 AM

under control
Sounds like you've got it under control but may I suggest possibly a close match in a laminate. What you are suggesting will work and will probably look the best but sounds like a hell of a lot of work with the plugs and staining and varathaning. Laminate would be quick and easy. They sell nosings for laminate and I'm not sure if they sell one piece treads (with tread and nosing together). Good luck.

P.S. - There should only be two stringers right against the walls running the entire length of the stairs unless they are wider than about 42". Then they would probably have a center stringer as well. I'm not sure if a stud finder would even work through plywood. There should be nails or screws into the stringers that would be visible from the top.

rredogg 01-24-2009 10:29 AM


Did a stair project at my residence and found these instructions which you can download helpful.
So far as the risers go you will save a considerable amount of money if you buy a 4 by 8 sheet of oak veneer (1/2") and cut and fit that for your risers.
There a several companies out there that sell stair replacement parts. I'd look for something local where you can pick it up instead of UPS delivery which because of the weight and volume will be expensive.

jkirby39 01-24-2009 12:42 PM

Didn't think about the veneer. Good idea. I'll look at it.

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