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HLB 06-11-2009 09:24 AM

Replacing Brick with Wood siding
I am about to remove part of the brick front on my house due to poor masonry skills of the builder and am replacing the brick with wood siding due to its cost, inability to match the brick and it is a small area of an otherwise aluminum sided home, it will be easier for me to match the color with the current siding. It is a brick area that goes from the base of the foundation to the roof line and has a large window in the middle of the wall. (approx. 18'x10') What is the best way to seal around the window when putting up the siding? Do you build up the area to the thickness of what the brick was? or frame in the window outside and allow it to protrude a little with the framing? I have seen it done both ways in homes that were already built, but have never seen it done with a remodeled wall though, looking for best suggestion without having to remove, reset or replace the window. Any and all suggestions welcome.
Thank you!

Ron6519 06-11-2009 11:17 AM

Why don't you post a picture of the fascade.
Generally the windows are set the same in brick as they are in a sided house so you shouldn't have to do too much of anything to do.
You should re weatherstrip the window using modern marerials.
You might also need to make some soffit adjustments as the new finish material will be thinner and might expose sections that will need to be addressed.

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