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SUZIE 06-15-2006 11:20 AM

repairing termite damage
I discovered termites in my home a couple of months ago. The termites were in the wall between my house and the attached garage. I removed the trim on the bottom, and I have some damage on the bottom plate of the wall. Some places have the groves were the termites were eating and there are some places where there are holes big enough for me to stick my pinky in past my nail.

I think this is something I can do myself. I have repaired drywall and done various home improvement projects in the past and I have a good assortment of tools.

My plan is to replace the damaged bottom plate.

Does this sound ok?

Remove chair rail molding and cut drywall there so I don’t have to worry about a visible seam.
Using a sazall cut small sections (2 feet or 4 feet) of the damaged bottom plate out.
Replace it with pressure treated lumber.
I would make the cut of the damaged bottom plate between the studs and put a second 2X4 on top of the bottom plate where I cut it to get a secure joint.
I want to use screws so I don’t cause nail pops hitting a nail with a hammer.

I can see one stud that has some damage on the bottom where it touches the bottom plate. I don’t want to tear down all the drywall, so I was going to put a 2x4 on both sides of the damaged stud from the bottom as far up as I can, given how much drywall I cut out. (Only up to the chair rail)

I think this is a non load bearing wall. The wall runs the same way as the joices in my house.

Does this sound ok?
Any suggestions?

Thank for your help.

joasis 06-15-2006 02:18 PM

Drywall is relatively cheap to replace...if you have the indication of that much damage, I would remove the rock and then approach replacing the plate, and then you can sister studs next to the damaged need to go on both sides. If you notice dampness, or fresh damage, get a professional look at extermination.

SUZIE 06-15-2006 02:50 PM

My whole house was treated for termites in early May. I am still trying to assess the damage. I feel like I have to punch holes in some of my other walls, just to check for damage so I can have a piece of mind.

I need one on those little pin hole cameras so I can put a little hole in the wall and look inside without causing much damage.:D

b2v 06-18-2006 09:56 PM

Split Studs When Cutting Your Drywall Vertically... To Give Yourself Something To Screw The New Piece Of Drywall To. If You Removed Your Baseboard. Might As Well Remove A Few Vertical Inches Of The Drywall The Full Length Of The Baseboard, So You Make Sure You Get All The Damage. You Can Then Replace The Drywall And Hide It When You Place The Baseboard Back, Without Joint Compound. Splitting Studs Wouldn't Hurt When Removing Your Bottom Plate, But Might Prove To Be A Pain In The Rear, Not To Mention You Might Risk Marring Up Hardwood Flooring (if You Have It) Should The Sawsall Kick On You. Id Just Cut The Bottom Plate Square At The End Of The Damage, Regardless Where It Ends And Screw/nail It Good Into The Rim Joist/floor Joist Through The Subflooring. Chances Are, At The Angle You Are Screwing At... You Won't Catch The Stud And The Bottom Plate, Making It A Wast Of Time To Split The Stud In The First Place.


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