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noahthebuilder 07-17-2007 05:41 PM

Putting up trusses on block building
Have put trusses on pole-buildings many times,never block-building.Sill plate is on.How do I put first truss up,and brace it to keep from falling?Do I fasten tops as more are put up like post and stick buildings?Also what about last truss.Any extra braceing,or any thing else I should or need to know?

Ron6519 07-18-2007 09:01 AM

Install verticals securely at the ends so you can rotate the truss up against it. Do both ends and connect them with two boards near the top of the truss, one on each side. All the trusses should be resting on the sill plates inside the building with the ridges pointed down. When your ready, rotate the trusses ridge point up one at a time and secure to the spanned wood and then the sill plate. When you get about 1/2 way done, rotate all the rest of the trusses up to the correct orientation and rest them against the already installed trusses. Pull them to the correct positions and secure. You need to leave enough space so you can rotate the trusses into position without hitting the ones already up. How much space you will need is based on the slope of the truss. Half way done was only a guideline. If you have a steep roof pitch it might be less then 1/2 way.
This scenario is when you are working alone or with one helper.

noahthebuilder 07-18-2007 05:12 PM

Was Thinking I Could Us Stake Into Ground And 2x4 To Truss In 2 Places On Ends,and Remove After Sheating And Cat Walk I Need To Put In Extra Bracing In Web?if So How Much.trusses Are 24ft,2ft On Center.building Is 32ft Long.

crecore 07-19-2007 06:58 AM

Gable end bracing... dig hole in ground near foundation and stick 2x screwed 90 degrees to another 2x in there (do two of these say 8-10' apart depending on pitch) lag them to the sill plate with T45 head construction lags, brace from the top of those vertical braces (when set plumb) to a stake in the ground.

Lateral and Horizontal bracing depends on style of truss, overhang, loading and pitch. Whoever stamped your trusses should have given you a bracing plan... if not go back to them because the roof is designed as a unit... there job isnt done sticking the triangular shape into their little program.

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