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dlmont75 06-27-2009 09:45 PM

putting stone vaneer on painted cinder block
Hello. I just had a question about putting stone vaneer on painted cinder block. Can you apply stone vaneer directly to painted concrete? If you can't, how would you prepare the painted concrete?

Paragon 06-28-2009 02:47 PM


I would stay away from it because you have no idea of what the paint is and if it has adhered good to the cinder block.

What I would do if I were in your shoes based on the amount of information I have is apply CBU or cement backer board like Durock so that you apply a non combustible material over the cinder and secure with phillips head tapcons or you can go with the hex head tapcons however they may not countersink themselves well enough and you would then have to plan on placing grout lines where the tapcon heads are, maybe.

Then if you apply the CBU you will also have a nice fresh face to attach to. Just one thought and I believe you will receive more ideas.

Good luck and be safe.

PaliBob 06-28-2009 08:04 PM

Wall Questions
Can you provide some more background info
  1. Location (State)
  2. Inside or Outside
  3. Concrete Block or Cinder Block
  4. Size of blocks (& the width)
  5. Size of wall (L&H)
  6. Age of Wall
  7. Coverage of the veneer (full L&H or partial)
  8. DIY or Contractor
  9. Permit?
and of course a pic or pics
There is a lot of knowledge on this forum, but we do better when there are fewer unknowns.

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