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ranapratab 10-30-2009 08:07 AM

Prehung Interior Door
Hello: I bought a pre hung door and have some questions in regards to the same.

1. The new door frame is 4 5/8 but the width from "drywall - stud - drywall" is 3 5/8 - the width of new door frame is 1' more. Do you get a door frame with 3 5/8 or the 4 5/8 is the normal size? If so do I have to saw the frame by 1'?

2. The gap for the door opening is 26 3/4 where as the new door is 25 1/2. Do you insert a piece if wood say 1" on one side from top to bottom and leave spaces for shims on sides? Is that the right approach?

I have nearly finished the bathroom renovation and this is the last major challange I have. :thumbup: Thanks for all your help.

skymaster 10-30-2009 10:35 AM

4 9/16 is the standard door jamb. the opening is fine. You shim both sides of the door jamb, therefore the reason for the space. as far as your unususal condition, I would center the door jamb, leaving the 1/2" over each side, then pad the back of the trim that 1/2" this way it evens everything out. That is the easiest way to go

newgarage 10-30-2009 12:48 PM

4 9/16" is the standard door jamb width, that accomodates 2x4 with 1/2" sheetrock on both sides. You can order prehungs at a lumber yard and specify the jamb width that you need, this costs more but saves you time and effort. Since you already have the prehung unit you can break it down and rip the jambs to the size you need. You could also just by the door slab and make up your own jambs.

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