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AZSun 10-09-2012 12:06 PM

Pocket Door Wheel
I have a 40 year pocket door that wobbles when opening and closing and falls off the track at the very end, right before it hits the frame/wall/jamb (don't know correct terminology). A carpenter came out and
1.Adjusted the track,
2.Put some rollers on the bottom part of pocket door opening to give it more stability as it slides across the track.
3.Put petroleum jelly on the track so the door slides better 4.Put a piece of wood right up against the frame/wall/jamb/ right before the door falls off the track at the very end so the door would stop against that piece of wood and not fall off the track.

These remedies have improved the performance of the pocket door sliding across the track by 50%. I had another carpenter come out a few days later to give me his opinion/estimate on the issue and he told me that the wheel at the top of the pocket door was bent. The first carpenter never saw or mentioned the bent wheel. I saw the wheel curving to the right with my own eyes and compared with to another pocket door I have that works perfectly and has a vertical wheel. He told me for $120 he would change the wheel.

Will replacing the wheel significantly improve the performance of the pocket door as it slides across the track? Can one take a pair of pliers or other tool and bend the wheel back to a vertical position?

mae-ling 10-09-2012 12:33 PM

replace the wheel.
But, if you plan on replacing anyway you could try to straighten, probably will not work, hard to get right. But worth the try.

funfool 10-09-2012 09:01 PM

You could change the wheel yourself.
Typically this repair requires the door removed and removing the door requires removing the trim.
It is a 5 min fix to replace the wheel, carpenter still needs to remove the trim and put it back up.
$120 sounds fair for this work, if you want to do it yourself, ask.

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