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JustEnuf 07-28-2009 05:02 PM

Pier & beam foundation
I'd appreciate some advice on beams for a pier and beam foundation. I'm planning to build one about 25' x 17' for a big shed/workshop (the superstructure won't be terribly heavy, I don't want to pay for poured concrete or have my yard torn up, there's a front to back slope that would require going down over four feet in front to get to the frost line in back, etc, that's why pier and beam). I plan to use 12" concrete piers to below frost line, and 2x10 beams and 2x8 joists to make a framed floor pretty much like a deck. Now the question - since the longest PT 2x10's from the local big boxes are 16', do I lose much load bearing by making a 25' beam from two 15' lengths and two 10' lengths - that is, double width and with the joints staggered, and the boards connected with 4" carriage bolts. Also, for connecting the beams to the piers it looks like strong-tie ABA anchors might be the way to go but again I'd welcome any other suggestions. Thanks!

JustEnuf 07-31-2009 06:44 PM

more info on earlier post
In re-reading my earlier post I think I gave "NotEnuf" info to elicit any useful advice, so let me try again. I'd like to go with a 4x3 array of 12" concrete piers and a framed foundation built right on top of the piers, i.e., no "posts" and I guess whether you'd call the doubled 2x10's beams or rim joists is a matter of opinion. After reading previous threads I get the impression that my splices should absolutely be only on top of the piers and not on unsupported spans, but I'm still a little fuzzy about how best to connect the 2x10s to the piers (what kind of post anchor?), and especially how to connect the pairs of doubled 2x10s to one another at the corner piers as well as to the piers themselves. Hope that's a bit more clear!

Gary in WA 08-02-2009 07:58 PM

I would check with your local Building Department as they have the final say on this. A structure that big would certainly need a permit, as least for safety. Be safe, G

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