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In one of the IRC years back that I remember, they said p.t. only IF the slab was not protected with a v.b. from the earth. Now it reads sill, sleeper protected from the slab. Then IRC said use a v.b. against the concrete wall, instead of the previously required p.t. wood. It doesn't say continuous v.b., only protect framing members. Now, could you just use strips of poly, 6m., or a sill sealer (approved v.b.)? Way cheaper than p.t. which will cup and twist after dry, another reason for sill sealer. Caulking won't fill in gaps later.

I agree with all of you, code doesn't require a sill sealer, YET. I feel in a few years it may, at least for the energy standpoint when all houses will be required to a blower door test, many are now.

What good is an ADA if the sill leaks air? 2 beads of caulking will work, but not for a thermal break.

Why heat the wall/plate (68*)to lose heat to the cold concrete slab (55*)? No thermal break.

Why install low density cavity insulation that is susceptible to air movement and not seal the plate? Bead of caulking.

Why not always use a sill sealer unless you know there is a v.b. under the slab. You will suck up any sub-terrain water/moisture through a p.t. plate. Few DIY'ers test for moisture on the slab and it's only good for that time of season and that very small area of the test. Caulking won't capillary break.

I feel many do not fire-stop over the top of the new wall to the joist spaces. A sill sealer would stop any air from there contributing to the fire. Caulking will work unless using p.t. cups and twists.
Now I'm repeating, time to stop.



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Originally Posted by kwikfishron View Post
I don’t see this happening here.

There are many Pros on this site that just simply what to make sure that the DIY’s receive correct information. Sometimes in these conversations people get offended and that’s a shame.

Although not the case in this thread in some cases the wrong information can be costly or dangerous.
That's the biggest problem here. Some people on this forum get insulted when they give out false and dangerous opinions and information that can be dangerous and get insulted when they are corrected. Their answer is that it's just a DIY'er forum. But, that is the problem right there. It is a DIY'er forum and these people are not doing DIYe'r projects.They are doing projects without permits and structural drawings and getting bad and dangerous advice.

When told to get advice form a pro and get drawings and proper permits, they don't want to here that. Some people on this forum just don't want to here that also and give out bad advice and don't guide the DIY'er in the right direction. As far as I concerned a DIY'er should be given the correct advice so that they do build their project to code and structurally sound by getting the proper engineering, permits and inspections.

Since when is a DIY'er above following the law and getting all drawing, permits and inspections? Is it the attitude that I'm a DIY'er and I can build the way I want and the way I was told on a DIY'er forum without someone even seeing my house?


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