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cloudkicker101 04-09-2006 10:02 PM

Open Truss ?s
ok heres a few ?s I thought i would ask cause I got no real answers on it from any place i asked about open webbed trusses made of 2*4. 1st ? is what is the max length of the trusses. I figured max span is 30feet with no support. But do they come bigger then 30. Say 60 cause i figure you can put a beam under them in the middle and they should be good to go right?? Or is it the say as putting 2*12 trusses in where they just sit next to each other on the beam

Bonus 04-09-2006 10:24 PM

If you go to the truss company they will design trusses for your application. Around here they will do this for free, at least for an estimate. There is no 'maximum span' for a 2x4 bottom chord. Trusses don't work like a beam, where to get twice as far you put a support halfway.

Teetorbilt 04-10-2006 08:40 AM

Like Bonus said. Designing trusses is the business of an engineer, not DIY'rs.

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