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Older Brosco Exterior Door Problem

This door has begun sag under it's own weight (I think). The hinge side of the door has a gap of about 1/4 inch at the top right side. The gap at the bottom right below the lowest hinge is only 1/16th. Thus the top left of the door on the lock side rubs on the frame.

I took the top hinge off and found a spacer behind it. Is this common? Is it a must have?

I took the spacer out and reinstalled the hinge. This has pulled the door to the right enough so that it no longer rubs at the left top (lock side).

I'm not comfortable with this fix and consider it temporary. With that in mind I'd like to know if there is a better way to resolve the problem?

I'm no carpenter, but then you already knew that.


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what you described is called packing a hinge and is common when tuning
a door slab to the jambs and stops.

The bad news is something has shifted to make this slab go the other direction.

If you want to buy time... you can cut the upper hinge in deeper at the jamb, and / or pack the bottom hinge.

If jambs appear in good shape.. remove casing both sides...adjust jambs...re-shim and install long screws through jamb / shim and into stud framing.

You might need new casing when you get done.


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Thanks for the information Bob. This morning I took the packing out of the middle hinge. The opens and closes nicely now, but the gap between the the hinge side of slab and jam is still wider than the gap at the bottom.

If I pack the bottom hinge I think the door will rub at the bottom jam on the lock side of the slab. The door currently clears there but only by a about 1/32 inch.

If I cut the top hinge deeper it will make the gap on the lock side at the top wider. It is already 1/8 there. I guess I'll have to leave well enough alone.
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Sagging (old) Brosco door

I am not trying to post. I was trying to answer the individual with the sagging Brosco door.

Take 2 precise measurements of the door.

1. top right to bottom left
2 top left to bottom right

If they do not match the door is a parallogram.....not a perfect rectangle and no amount of shimming will help. The door must be removed and clamped to straighten it out. It should be sealed and refinished as well as nailed or dowelled while clamped. The labor and/or inconvenience incurred would probably push the owner to a new door.
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