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Newbie diy - is this drywall or wood

Is this a drywall or wood?
If wood, how think, what panel thickness do u use, I would think the thinnest, like 1/4 if they make it.

I m so excited to do this stuff.
Appreciate all the help and insight.
Also, how did they build those columns?
Same, wood or drywall in regard to the recessed part of the pillar.

Thanks all.


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It could be either. You can't tell by tapping on it with your fingernail or something?


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No. I m just looking at pics to get ideas for what I want to do....totally new at this.

wish i could be somebody's apprentice.
So, not sure how u do I buy thin wood panel and then add over it with the wood outline or do I do this over drywall?

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You can do it both ways, moulding laid on top of wood or on a plywood or MDF panel.
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Good to develop an interest in finishing!

You may want to buy a good book on finishing carpentry, you can find info on all of the above.
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mae-ling (01-16-2012)
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If this is a real post then you may want to start off by buying some DIY books. Lowes and Home Depot have them.
Some Tec schools offer night classes.
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It is a REAL post!
Yes, I know from past projects, finishing off a basement which involved cutting the baseboard moulding, sheetrock, installed ...glued down carpet, did bathrooms that included tiling floor, shower and walls. Kitchen floor that included two rectangle designs with the tile in them cut on a diagonal.

I would like to get a book that is for a True newbie and doesn't make any assumptions, such as assuming the person knows tools.....Hint: if that type of book isn't out there, one of you guys/gals might want to think of writing one. I could be your book reviewer.

Funny you mention a class. I was thinking the same thing, but not sure where to look, but I was going to call the county office today and see if they know of any.

I have two rooms that will require total renovations and I plan on doing all the work except for electric (too scared of that, witnessed a guy that was working on a feed into our building, dropped a screw in between the live feeds, went to get it and his tool hit the live feed) All power went out of the building and you heard the screams of this guy...wont get too graphic on what he was screaming. Thank God he lived. Okay, I think my AADD(Adult Attention Deficit Disorder) is kicking in.

Thanks again...I will start posting pics of projects that I want to do.
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mae-ling (01-17-2012)
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A nice upscale home like that makes me want to say "it's gotta be wood." But, I have seen strange things before. If you're planning on covering it anyway, and, if you're not sure by tapping, drill a screw into an area where you're sure there is NO ELECTICAL WIRES or cable wires........when reversing the screw out, if it has chalk on it, it's drywall, if it has wood on it, it's wood.
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I almost always like the books by Taunton Press, though as you say, they sometimes assume you have some background. On my current project, I have really enjoyed using the books by Creative Homeowner. When I was trimming windows a few years ago, I found just what I needed in Home Depot's "Trim 123" book.
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Brad Finishing Nail Gun

That was a pic I found on the web and want to do something similiar in regard to the column. I've found kits online and thought, really why not do it all myself. I like wood, but mdf is cheaper but what I am reading it doesn't cut as nice.....would use mdf for the flat piece and any trim added to it would b would....then I wonder if there would b a paint difference on two diff materials even if I prime...shouldn't be, I would think.

Thanks fishing - I know I've seen the 1,2,3 books at home depot and I will look into tauton press books. It's not that I don't know anything, but sometimes the books do make some assumption and I'd prefer not to spend half my time looking up jargon while reading the book.

So, I have a "Brad" electric finishing nail gun and haven't used it yet (was given to me a few years back or should say left at my house by my brother) anyway, was planning on using that for my work. Though, almost bought a finishing nail gun at lowes last night for $99 as it came with the gun and compressor......

Question: If the electrical finishing gun doesn't seem to work well, what should I be looking for in a finishing nail gun?

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you can check with your local community college or boces center for adult education coarses, a basic carpentry class can get you off on the right foot.
also watch for clinics at your local home depot or lowes they often have informative little clinics there.
and we do still have libraries, I know the one by me has a ton of how-to videos you can take out and learn some basics.
good luck


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