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creamaster 03-28-2010 10:35 AM

Need help for window stool plannng
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I installed Marvin Integrity Ultrex double hung windows and had them built with "sill ready for stool". I want to make my own stools out of oak to match the oak casing. These pictures show 1x4 oak stock. I am having difficulty figuring out how wide to make this and exactly what part of the sill to mount the stool on. Please refer to these pics for better explaination.

Picture 1 Shows where I think the stool should go. B is about 3/16". The lip that the oak is sitting on is about 1/2".

Picture 2 Shows another option of mounting the stool on top up close to the sash. C represents similar option of making a rabit cut and lowering the stool down more on this lip to still give me more width to the stool yet no be up so high in relation to the sash.

Picture 3 Shows the casing and A is the distance I am concerned about. The horns of this stool will be huge compared to pics Ive seen online. "A" will be about 1/2" less than pictured if I use the 1x4 and go with option 1.

Any ideas on what to do here/ I could use 1x3 stock to decrease distance A and look more pleasant. My wife is concerned about having a stool wide enough to be functional for things like small picutres and small plants. I know I can do anything I want, but is there a standard out there to give me a general rule of thumb.

Last question, would a 1/4" round over bit be a good size to round off the front and side edges of the stool?

Thanks for any input gang :thumbsup:

Ron6519 03-28-2010 01:55 PM

Stools are not generally sized for items being put on them. If that's what she wants, you would decide what items are being placed and have the stool made accordingly.
I fabricate the stools so they are around 1 3/4"-2" out from the wall. The depth will vary based on the casing's thickness. If a backband is used it will project more then a regular casing detail. The stools go past the side casing anywhere from 1/2" -1" on each side. The wider the casing the longer the horns. You're looking for a relative visual balance.
I like the rabbeted solution. Along with the apron, it will give a good support system to the stool.

Scuba_Dave 03-28-2010 03:12 PM

I install mine like pic #1
Normal windows I do around 2.5" out from the window, some 3.5"
My front windows I wanted a bigger "shelf" - so I came out 5.5" (1x6)
I have 5 shelf supports that I fabricated to assist in holding this up
I will do the same thing on my Dining room & Sunroom windows

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