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Scelerategirl 09-24-2012 03:45 PM

Need Help: Looking to build a schoolwork space (For Books, Laptop, etc.)
Hello All!!!:) Im new to the thread, and looking to build a schoolwork area. It needs to be between 40 and 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. Im looking to create seperate sections so that I can slope a 14" section for my laptop to sit on.. Im trying to find the most economical, and efficient way to purchase materials that will support school books, a laptop, and other school related items, I am not at this point concerned with drawers, as I have many many things that willl happily fit underneath the height I have chosen ( for THAT purpose, as well as taking into account the height of the chair Ill be using with it....

Any Ideas? I have just returned to College full time, and have an 8 year old, and am finding that without a "specific" schoolwork space Its difficult to do the things I am looking to make it happen, Im pretty efficient with a jigsaw, and own that, and a Dtremel, and a variety of handsaws I got from my grandpa... I am capable of getting the pieces cut at the facility I purchase them at, but have found that most men tend to look down on me, as Im a girl, and talk to me like Im a bubble headed moron..., so I figured Id ask here...I am mid running to get my Son, and going to class, but sincerely appreciate any help available :)


mae-ling 09-24-2012 08:16 PM

What are you putting under it? File cabinets?
Get a used solid wood door from a recycle center. Cut to size and put on top your file cabinets.

just use plywood cut to 24" by 42", add a 1x2 frame underneath say 1" back from the edges. Screw through the 1x2 and up into the plywood, so no screws showing.

Do not make a permenant slant for the lap top.
I just used 2 videos side by side and set the back edge on that to lift it. could use some wood and glue that rubber no slip stuff to it if you want it to be all pretty. Or make a slanted wedge thingy to hold the laptop out of wood, use 1/8 hardboard for the top of the slant and cut wedges out of 2x4 for the side legs

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