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Originally Posted by WheelerGirl View Post
Hand Drive--we took back the set of original (6) pieces of plywood and bought 6 thicker ones, so we wouldn't have to apply 3 layers--saving us a lot of work--thanks for the tip. Now we have a new 23/32" subfloor in room #1 and will add a 23/32" underlayment (you can see it unattached on floor in pic) In room #2, we will install 3/8" underlayment (the top flooring will be laminate planks in both rooms). This will be about 1/32" in room #1 that we will have to sand just between the two adjoining rooms.

As you can see in the pics, the 3/8" will be butted to the 23/32" in room #1. There will be two seams on top of each other at this junction--subfloor and underlayment from room #1. Could we remove a couple layers of plywood about 4" and cut a notch out to go into room #2 to avoid the two seams? There will be a lot of traffic between these two rooms where there are double doors.
4" in from edge for the 8' seams is fine and I suppose 4" at the butt seams will work too, just do not want to break any farther away from the joist and as Gary mentioned do not nail/screw underlayment to joists which I totally forgot about..

that sounds like a good idea to cut that 4" in to avoid to many seams in a high traffic area.


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GARY--I'm going to do this--thanks for the tip.

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Thanks for reminder Gary--I have read the APA article before when installing our subfloor----I needed to read the underlayment suggestions--but now I'm confused.

The 1 & 1/2 inch ring shank nail that was suggested in this APA article for my project (2 layers of 23/32" plywood--and the underlayment is not T&G--hope this is ok) would look like the left side of this picture if we use that size.

I do know this is from the Halex plywood manuf. BUT, I also read somewhere else and not by Halex (can't find it at this time) that the nail tips exposed to the crawl space is not a good idea and going through the subfloor layer will weaken the fastener.

But, The 1&1/4" ring shank nails that we bought do look a little puny! Am I worrying too much? I sure want to do this right.

Hand Drive, We rethought the problem (it looks like too much work to take 2 vaneer layers off the underside of 8' edge of the underlayment plywood--section would be 4-inches by 5-feet) and instead will bring the 3/8" underlayment from room #2 into room #1 by about 4-6 inches (the beam there is about 8-10" wide) and use a floor pre-mix leveler/patch to bring it up to the 23/32 in room #1.

Hope I am NOT clear as mud !!

Thanks for all your help! Katherine
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