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Showbiz 05-27-2007 08:23 PM

Need help with finding very wide baseboard
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We inherited a very ugly house. Want to fix it up and re-sell it. Based on the neighborhood and recent sale prices on this street the last few years, we'd see $60-$65k tops. So this isn't a high end mansion or anything.

The house was all carpet, except for vinyl in the bathrooms/kitchen. House was built in 1920. Under all the vinyl and carpet is hardwood flooring. That would be great but... (more on that later).

Anyway, the baseboard is UGLY. Not just ugly, but U-G-L-Y. It's not so much decorative baseboard as pieces of 1" thick lumber from home depot or whatever nailed to the wall and painted over. They didn't even try to match up the seams. It's obvious where the cuts are and it's well... ugly.

Also, it appears that this thick ugly "baseboard" was laid first and the hardwood floors were laid up to the baseboard. Which means if we try to use regular modern baseboard, there is a huge gap in the floor between the baseboard and old hardwood floors. Even if that wasn't a problem, doorways were widened/moved and regular wood was laid down where the hardwood floor wasn't. I guess they didn't consider that a problem since they just laid ugly carpet and vinyl over it. We don't really feel like refinishing the hardwood floor is an option. We tried in the living room already, and I just didn't like how it turned out.

The OTHER problem, is the baseboard was about 9" high. We haven't had any luck finding baseboard that will go that high to cover up where the old baseboard is. We want to go with laminate in the hallways, kitchen, living room and pick out a decent decorative baseboard.

So... how can we accomplish this? TIA

Mike Swearingen 05-28-2007 07:28 AM

One way is use 1"X10" boards (actually about .75"X9.5") with quarter-round molding at floor level. If you have a router, you also could dress the top of the baseboard.
Good Luck!

AtlanticWBConst. 05-28-2007 07:52 AM

Same advise as Mike S. But you could use 'bed molding' on the top of the 1x10.

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