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cnda17 12-18-2010 10:02 AM

Need Help designing and building a workbench
Hi everyone!

New to this site but loving it! Lots of great info!

My garage is a disaster, I've acquired tons of tools and have no place to store them. I would like to build a workbench with cabinets and drawers underneath. I've seen where people use pre-made cabinets for the base but building it from scratch would be more fun and a great winter project for me.

I've been through the internet a million times and can't find plans or videos to build exactly what I'm looking for. I would like to build a bench about 8' long, maybe 30" inches deep and workbench height... 36" about.

I'm thinking two cabinets in the center and drawers from top to bottom on each side. Something like that.

Not sure where to start, what to build it out of or how to lay it out.

I have all the basic tools, table saw, miter saw, drills etc..

Thanks in advance for your input!

Manorville, NY

Ron6519 12-18-2010 12:38 PM

Go into the kitchen. You have cabinets there. Measure the cabinet carcass with the drawers in it. Now measure each drawer.
If you don't have a drawer base, go to a kichen cabinet place and measure one of their's.
Decide on the materials you want to use and make up a cut list.
See how the cut list compares to a 4x8 sheet and buy the amount you need.
You can use a solid core exterior door for the top or put 2, 3/4" ply together.

cnda17 12-19-2010 09:48 AM

Never really thought of that... lol. Thank you!

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