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weekender 09-29-2005 01:04 PM

need help with deck ledger
I am building a deck and I need to figure out how to install a ledger around my nook. it's lies along a 12' brick wall, it has three faces with the two sides angled back to the wall. I want the ledger to run the full length of the 12' wall.

DecksEtc 09-29-2005 08:16 PM

Attach it the same as if it were a straight wall. Just attach 3 separate boards for the ledger. The joists you run off the ledger at the angled sections will be angled to match to angle of the wall. hen your deck boards will be cut to conform to the angles of the wall.

Was that clear enough to help you?

weekender 09-30-2005 07:36 AM


DecksEtc 10-02-2005 10:32 PM

No problem.

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