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HandyDottie 01-26-2008 09:25 PM

Need Advice for Adding Wheels to Table
We have a large four-quarter oak table, a family heirloom, which originally had solid wood wheels, but these were lost by movers several years ago. Without the wheels, the table is only 28 inches high from the floor. We really need it at about 32 inches. We would like to add wooden rollers, replacing the lost ones. The table is 54 x 48 (inches), with 6 legs, very heavy old, solid oak table.

Where can we purchase solid wood wheels which would raise this up 4 inches and be sturdy enough to support about 45 pounds of computer equipment, to be put on the table? There are presently holes drilled in the bottom center of each leg, where rollers can be inserted. Can we do this ourselves and be confident that the table is secure?

Thanks very much for any helpful advice!


bigMikeB 01-27-2008 05:34 AM

I have never seen wooden wheels that high. Is that what the originals were? You can get smaller ones from places like restoration hardware.

HandyDottie 01-27-2008 12:00 PM

Okay, thanks very much, Mike! It's possible those original wheels were not that tall. Too many years ago now for us to recall that.

The issue here is that we really need that table raised a good 4 inches. What is the best way to achieve this, do you think? Should we just place it upon blocks of wood? We would like to be able to move it from time to time, though. The table is only 28 inches from the floor without any wheels, since the original wheels were lost.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


ratherbefishin' 01-27-2008 02:06 PM'm guessing this to be similar to your originals. At 2 7/8" wheel diameter plus clearance it would put the table up a little over 3". I've never seen any larger wood wheels for restoration purposes, just modern look. You can find this one at

HandyDottie 01-27-2008 02:28 PM

Hey, thanks, Mr. Ratherbefishin'!

When I used the link you provided, I checked around on their site and came up with the above wheels, which appear to be the full 4-inch height we need.

They appear very nice asthetically, at least from this company's ad. We will give them a call. Very helpful info you've provided here. Many thanks, once again!

Just curious....How do these look to you? Do you imagine they will support a heavy solid oak table with about, oh say roughly 45 pounds of computer equipment on it?


ratherbefishin' 01-27-2008 02:52 PM

Well, I'll be dipped in.........:huh: Guess I never looked close enough at their catalogue.....

Yes, I'm sure those would have plenty of support for your table and computer gear. I'm happy to have been of some help:thumbup:

HandyDottie 01-27-2008 03:07 PM

Hope you get to go fishin real soon--You deserve it!! Will let you know if these work out for us. Thank you again.

Leah Frances 01-27-2008 07:44 PM

Don't neglect to protect your floors. Wheels and Casters greatly diminish the surface area contacting the floor = more chance of flooring damage. Just, keep it in mind.

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