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shlleys 08-27-2011 11:31 AM

the multi level sorta pony wall
I want to seperate my kitchen from living room by building a multi level wall that when finnished will be 12' long. I would like it to start at 8' extend 4' drop down to 6' extend another 4' then drop down to 4' and extend a final 4'. The space I'm working with has a 9' ceiling and the flooring is hardwood.

Has anyone tried to build anything like this, and is it even possible without attaching it to the ceiling at some point? I've seached the net for something similar and have found nothing, I'm a bit worried it's because it's not structurally possible. :(

any help with this would be appreciated.

havalife 08-27-2011 12:48 PM

Is the hardwood flooring on a wood floor or a concrete slab? You have to get the end secured or the wall is going to be loose. If it is a wood floor then you will have a crawl space under it to get the wall secured. If it is concrete then you will have to bolt something onto the floor to get the support you need. I use a 2" angle iron bolted to the joist below and then bolt to the inside of the wall, you can do the same with concrete but you have to weld a plate to the bottom of the angle iron and bolt it to the concrete.

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