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Miter Saw Confusion

Hi, I need help.

Just laid a floor and have to put in baseboards where there are none at kitchen cabinets. I found the miter saw and know to cut 45 degree angles. The problem is the saw won't go high enough to stand the wood up. I can only get the baseboads to lay flat on the metal, on top of the grooves under the saw. This won't do the right cut. The wood has to stand up to get the cut but the saw sits in a frame and only allows a few inches to move up and down. How do I make my 26 cuts? Home Depot won't miter for free or for $$$. I seem to remember hardware stores used to do that sort of thing. . .and gas stations used to check your oil, put air in tires and wash windows . . .

Thanks, Patti


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You should be able to lay the base flat an cut a 45.


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Originally Posted by mikey48 View Post
You should be able to lay the base flat an cut a 45.
Not if it isn't a compound miter saw.

If you're careful, you could probably do it with a circular saw and a speed square for a guide.
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I really don't think hardware stores used to miter cut lumber..... You could rent a saw of the proper size at a tool rental, buy a larger saw if you have more upcoming projects to justify the expense (look on Craigslist for a used one), borrow one from a neighbor, or just hire someone to install the base. Find a reliable handyman and it shouldn't cost too much. Ask at the local lumber yard or ask a neighbor. Always check references.....
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It sounds like Patti may be trying to use a HAND miter saw.

Patti, this makes it tough on you. Try to buy (try a pawn shop) power (electric) miter saw, or borrow one from someone.
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or hire a carpenter. construction workers are hurting right now
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Patti, you are definitely using the wrong tool. You might be able to rent a power miter saw at a tool rental. Be good to have for a job like this.
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miter saw

probably the best thing to do is to cope the joints. You will also get a better fit in most cases. Bring the end of one piece to meet the side of the other piece and trace the outline with a pencil - then cut it with a jig saw of coping saw.

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How tall are these baseboards?

What type of miter saw do you have? The plastic box thing is not a good one.

I use a manual miter saw and can cut wood up to about 4 inches high. (Although it takes a while). It is the 50 dollar manual miter saw, Stanley. I'm scared of the power ones.

I did my baseboards in 3 pieces. The 1x flat board cut straight with a jig saw and put in place. Then a top molding strip (I used cove) cut at 45 and affixed to the top of the 1x along the wall. Then the shoe molding for the bottom gap, also cut at a 45.

Good luck.


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